• Mitch McConnell described Biden’s remission of student loans as “astonishingly unfair” by Mitch McConnell.
  • Elizabeth Warren retaliated by pointing out that McConnell attended college when annual tuition was only $330.
  • Following Biden’s announcement of the $20,000 debt cancellation, several Republicans have started to attack.

President Joe Biden just announced that student loans would be forgiven, and Republican politicians quickly criticized it. Democrats aren’t letting it go.

On Wednesday, Biden revealed that Pell Grant recipients earning less than $125,000 annually might receive up to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness, while other federal borrowers earning up to $10,000 could receive $10,000 in forgiveness. Although many Democrats had been waiting for the president to adopt this long-awaited program, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did not appreciate the broad relief.

President Biden’s student loan socialism, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “is a slap in the face to every family who sacrificed to save for college, every graduate who paid their debt, and every American who chose a certain career path or volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces in order to avoid taking on debt.”

This practice is incredibly unfair.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has been a vocal advocate for Biden’s approval of $50,000 in student loan forgiveness, didn’t want to absolve McConnell of responsibility for his remarks.

On Thursday, Warren posted on Twitter, “Senator McConnell graduated from a school that cost $330 a year.” “It now costs more than $12,000. McConnell is upset that the President is stepping up to aid millions of working Americans who are drowning in debt even though he has done nothing to improve the situation. He need not lecture us about fairness.”

In 1964, when the University of Louisville’s yearly tuition was $330, McConnell received his diploma. Tuition has increased, as it has at institutions around the nation, and Warren remarked that attendance there now costs $12,000 per year. Republicans have submitted legislation that aims to address higher education costs without student loan relief, despite the fact that many of them have joined McConnell in criticizing Biden’s relief as unjust to taxpayers and those who have already paid off their debt.

Virginia Foxx, Elise Stefanik, and Jim Banks of the GOP filed a bill that, among other things, would stop targeted loan forgiveness programs and forbid tuition and fees from exceeding the predicted earnings of a particular school. A bill to “hold university officials accountable for the outrageous growing price of education” was also filed by GOP Sen. Rick Scott on Monday.

Warren, though, and other Democrats consider student loan forgiveness to be the greatest initial response to addressing the exorbitant expense of higher education.

Warren declared that 20 million Americans “will never have to make another student loan payment.” “An additional 23 million Americans will see a sizable reduction in their student loan debt. It’s about assisting the middle class in America and supporting those who are most in need.”

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